Lakeland - Brise SoleilWindcatcher & sunpipes


For years, many architects have been concerned about environmental issues; now clients are increasingly asking about it. We have a lot of experience in providing carefully tailored environmental solutions to our clients, from the integrated fabric ceilings, heating and lighting shown at Lakeland's distribution centre to solar shading, ventilation and daylighting systems. At Spirax, we specified the first installation of the innovative 'Coolphase' units in the country. We can now provide you with simple analysis of our proposals, to give you an early idea of your carbon footprint and to help optimise our designs. (Typical Illustration)
Daylight study
Lakeland - tented ceilingTeamed up with Gillard Associates, a practice at the forefront of sustainable design in Wales, we can provide daylight and sun studies, detailed modelling and all the advice you might need. Sunstudy
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