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Highbury Church

An active church looking to improve the access and to update and improve their catering arrangements. We ended up with a scheme subtly changing the gradients and entrance, removing lots of added cupboards and adding a large double pocket door to open up the entrance area to the tea room. We added large french doors to this to replace the old windows - carefully in keeping but very effective.

As part of this review we concluded that the best way of providing tea and coffee after services was to add a separate, small kitchenette at the other end of the church, eliminating bottle necks and queues. Using a tiny space in the entrance lobby, this was concealed behind a new oak screen with a retractable servery - the 'Swiss army knife' approach to kitchens.

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The old Entrance and tea room
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Old tea room windows...
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The new doors, and acoustic panelling
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The site for the kitchenette
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The kitchenette when closed

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