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Party Wall Surveys

The Party Wall Etc Act 1996 extended the provisions of the London Buildings Act to the rest of England and Wales. The original London Act was designed to make it easier for neighbours to carry out building works in close proximity to each other and provided a framework for disputes. These provisions were extended to the rest of the country in 1997 and now apply to all properties in England and Wales.

We can help advise you whether you are planning work near your boundary, or if you have received notice from your neighbours.

Party Wall work

In basic terms the Act requires building owners to serve notice on their neighbours where they are building on or up to a boundary line; carrying out works to a wall or structure built on the boundary line; or excavating for any purpose in close proximity to their neighbour's property.

In practice, often both owners and neighbours feel that the system is an unnecessary expense, and is against them. However, early advice can often prevent conflict escalating where none is intended, and minimise problems should it occur. There's usually a solution to suit all parties.

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