Prema Arts Centre

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A long established and sucessful arts centre, based in the village of Uley in Gloucestershire, with a reputation for innovative art promotion.

A converted Baptist Chapel it had always suffered from poor access and facilities. As part of a lottery funded scheme this was radically changed in 1997-98 by adding a new entrance, and fitting a new exhibition space, disabled lift and toilets into the existing building. Funding also enabled major improvements to the rest of the building and provision of fully up to date video and editing studios.

However, that is now 15 years ago and much has changed - and Prema is now long overdue for a new round of repairs, updating and reconfiguration. Working closely with the Director and staff, we have obtained planning permission and substantial Lottery funding to enable this exciting work to go ahead. We look forward to a Prema with better access and acoustics, more (and more comfortable) workshops, and a weathertight roof - but still all its old character.

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