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Spirax Sarco

A Cheltenham company world renowned for their steam systems. As part of a major reorganisation we were asked to look at their R&D needs. A one-off building within their works, acting as their international centre for R&D and testing, it acts as the main visitor entry to the whole plant.

A rapidly designed and complex project, built by Barnwood Construction under a D&B contract; Void carried the design through to completion.

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Early design for the road frontage
2 / 10
The road frontage on completion
3 / 10
The entrance front at the opening
4 / 10
The opening ceremony
5 / 10
Office corridor
6 / 10
Canteen Spaces
7 / 10
Cutaway of an early design, showwing the lightwells, ventilation and partition strategy
8 / 10
Lightwells in the main office
9 / 10
Office area before furnishing
10 / 10
The perforated paritions to the workspaces

Converted from a 1960s engineering works, we created a suite of offices, staff welfare facilities, training rooms and a state of the art test facility, aspiring to high standards of environmental performance:

  • natural ventilation
  • 'air conditioning' using phase change materials
  • Sunpipes for natural daylighting
  • Motion sensors on all lighting
  • rainwater harvesting
  • local suppliers
  • heating uses waste heat from the test shop, using Spirax' own heat exchanger technology.
  • Lightwells bring light through the middle of the building, and open, providing ventilation.
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